Wednesday, 21 February 2007


So there I am sitting in my office at home when an email alert catches my eye. I don’t remember subscribing to Reuters or for that matter Virgin radio. One click away from deleting it then I saw the words LEGAL ACTION.

Now why would these two get all bent out of shape with a small time geek like me? I don’t remember pissing them off; I don’t recall sending them spam. There it was those cold calculating words that BOTH companies were going to start LEGAL ACTION if I continued to do what I had done to them.

My Web Site

I must admit I panicked; I know these guys are big heavy hitters and can afford the deadliest attorneys. I hope they don’t go for the death penalty for what they say I was doing. Come to think of it I might have annoyed them in some small way but it was only a suggestion. A harmless email that I thought they would be grateful to have. No Trojans or viruses and certainly not spam since apart of radio one in the UK I had not sent that email to another living soul.

I flicked through my little black book and there they were; my list of .com’s and jumping out from that list sat my best acquisitions to date. And there was me thinking it was a good idea to anticipate the podcast market. I had read that 2007 will see an even bigger explosion of podcasters and podcast domain names. Heck I even sat and watched the editor of the Daily Telegraph (UK) say that a massive shift towards podcasting and a move away from printed news media is the way to go.
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Link to Telegraph

Now you can understand why Reuters the biggest news gathering organisation in the world and The Virgin group both got the ass with me (wait til Radio 1 finds out). By summer 2007 much of the traditional radio, print and to some extent TV media groups around the world will be podcasting to more people than broadcasting.

The list of news podcast’s on Reuters main site Link to Reuters has grown to several pages over the last few months. Soon syndicated news will be taken direct from the net and not re-hashed as it is now (unless there is a corporate or political agenda and when isn’t there?)

Just when I thought I was in serious trouble for doing what I did, just when I thought they had missed the boat. These LEGAL ACTION emails popped into my box!

Well I can tell you now for all to see. The big boys can take as much LEGAL ACTION as they want I am not going to give up my .com’s to them I brought them fair and square Virginpodcast, Reuterspodcast, Radio1podcast and a few others which I may use as re-directs to my own podcast site if I ever put one up are all mine.

Email Me

Would you believe that after pondering for ages on what I was going to do the phone rang. It was my webmaster mate laughing down the line…why? That asshole had spoofed those bloody emails and my LEGAL ACTION will now be to go around his house and kick his geeky butt!

Mitox can be found at or can he?

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Invent an illness sell the cure

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Yes I suppose one could call this my first rant but here’s the thing. How many new “labels” has the modern world given us for ill health? Why is obesity always put down to eating too much? Why not stop for a moment and ask yourself what does the 6,000 new chemicals added to our food chain do to our bodies.

I, like many others am not a nutritional nutter I am an observer of life, living life and trying to understand what it is. Ideas, observations and contradictions to the socially brainwashed (Oops socially acceptable) are met with attacks from vested interested parties’ expert at sounding reasonable.

Take bird flu for instance; it is exactly that, flu that birds get naturally and have done so for millions of years. But hey! Give it a scientific sounding number (HN51) and next thing we know is governments can’t give our taxes away to the drug companies fast enough! Even though they say there is no cure?

The number of deaths attributed to this so called “potential” pandemic is less than the number of people struck by lighting per year globally!

Take a closer look at the WORDS the drug paid-for news and experts are giving you.
The new science of linguistic scare-mongering is growing. Words like potential, hypothesis, projections, could, maybe, possibility and many others that actually say NOTHING but do plenty in terms of seeding fear in the population.

Ever stopped to take a closer look at the twisted logic of “War on terror” Take a closer look at exactly what it is saying…Terror is a type of tactic not a group of people so how or when would a war on terror come to an end? The other more subliminal message is in the phonetic tactics imposed on the masses. “Terra” is and has always meant EARTH. So we have a global war of terror eh?

A few years ago we called a bomber just that…a bomber. Whatever his/her cause however unjustified it was clear what this sick individual was…a bomber! Now with “Bush/Blair-speak” everything has a new meaning. Death is death and collateral damage, friendly-fire make for a softer edge for a longer political career.

My role as an observer of the Oververse has taken years to evolve, from the dogmatic days of school to the teenage peer-ridden streets and onto the universal campus of life. It has had many shades, many fears, feelings regrets and wonderful experiences. Yet with all that and with all the contradictions of modern communication I am left with the thought that Orwell knew way before his time that “news-speak” was and is a reality.

In humble reverence to Orwell I will wrap up my thoughts from the Oververse with one last thought. Those idiots that spout the term “politically-correct” should understand that those two words cannot and should not be used in the same breath.

Until next time visit my web at and take a close look. See if you can find the subliminal text and images. Never in the history of the world was anyone successfully brainwashed and knew about it….